Winter Floors

With Summer officially over it’s time to think about the colder months, the darker nights and maybe the heating bill! So how can you prepare your home ahead of Winter? Well, there are certain interior design tips that can help make your home feel a bit cosier during the latter end of the year. The first step should always be the foundation of your home; the flooring. But how do you achieve a warmer look from the floor alone? The key thing to achieve is a perception of a warmer temperature in the room, with that in mind it pays to stay away from lighter boards as they can create a cold and airy feel in the room. Darker, richer colours will help to inject that warm and cosy feel into your living room…

Rustic/Natural Grade Floors

This style of flooring has proven incredibly popular over recent years and it’s not hard to see why. There’s something really charming about natural and rustic grade floors, they ooze character and can help bring a real country feel. This type of flooring  can immediately transform any room that it is installed in.  This style of flooring also helps to bring an air off nature into your home as well as compromising the modern rustic vibe that is so on trend right now. If you want cosy then look no further than rustic floors and creating your own little log cabin getaway!

Smoked wood

Colour can be a defining factor when it comes to achieving a warmer look in your room, as can the finish of a floor. The smoked effect will not only give your floorboards an aged appearance, but it will also appear quite grand too. These types of floor boards will help to create a unique and cosy environment wherever you decide to install them as well as giving off an air of elegance too.


This style of flooring has been a huge hit in the world of interior design over the last 18 months. This floor as a rich history and dates back to the early 16th century, although recently it has enjoyed a massive revival thanks to the likes of the shabby chic movement. This floor can bring a depth of warmth to any room, especially due to its familiarity from the likes of school and church halls. The herringbone layout presents the wood in a ‘broken’ zigzag position, which is why this style is often confused for its Chevron counterpart.. not the same! Chevron floors are where the ‘v’ meets in the middle, herringbone floors do not. Fun fact; Herringbone flooring is actually named after the Herringbone fish due to the similarity between the fishes spine and the pattern of the floor.

It’s not only your floor that can make the difference when it comes to make your room as snug as a bug for winter, there are a few accessories that can help you to do the job too. Lets start with the basics; is there anything that a couple of candles can’t fix? Turn down the lights, put the fire on and light some candles to scatter around the room, you’ll feel cosier in an instant. As well as candles why not invest in some heavy knitted throws and blankets, get yourselves wrapped up in front of the box while the gloomy weather rolls on outside.

So there you have it, just a couple of ways that you can bring the heat into your home this winter.