Tiling With The Colour Of The Year: Heart Wood

The colour of the year for 2018 has been revealed so don’t be surprised if you start to see plenty of Heart Wood cropping up in the interiors world. Heart Wood is a gorgeous colour that combines purple, mauve with some softer brown undertones. This beautifully rich colour is perfect for all year round offering a cosy warmth in the winter and a fresh contemporary look come summer. With this set to be next years hottest colour, how can you incorporate Heart Wood when it comes to tiling you kitchen or bathroom?

The colour of Heart Wood has a very neutral base meaning that it can be paired harmoniously with beiges and creams for a softer and delicate design. This makes it ideal for Scandinavian aesthetics as it emotes a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Similarly, the muted and warm undertones of Heart Wood make it ideal for Hygge interiors as well. While it looks incredible when paired with other similar earthy tones, the best thing about Heart Wood is its versatility. Surprisingly, it works just as well with darker colours such as grey and blues for that stark contrast between delicate and industrial. Something we’ll explore later. With that in mind, lets take a look at how you can use Heart Wood when tiling.

Neutral Palette

As previously mentioned, Heart Wood marries well with neutral colours. So when looking at tiling your bathroom why not combine these colours for a seamless blend of tones. If you choose to paint or tile a feature wall using a Heart Wood colour, try to find accompanying tiles in beiges, creams and whites for a gentle, toned down look. The best thing about working with these colours is their adaptability. If you want to redecorate in the future, you can keep your same great neutral tiles and work around them for different designs. They also have a wider appeal when it comes to selling on your property when the time comes. If you like the idea of a stripped back palette but don’t want to opt with the typical beiges and creams, try instead a duck egg blue tile for a pop of colour.

Darker Palette

If subtle just isn’t your style, try instead mixing up your designs with darker colours. We talked about it earlier, but Heart Wood works beautifully with contrasting colours such as gun metal greys and navy blues. The stark contrast between delicate and harsh gives a stunning, trendy effect. Try combining these colours when tiling as well as working with different finishes. A gloss finished Heart Wood tile paired with a matt grey will show even more of that soft and industrial contrast, something that is very much popular with homeowners.


Surprising Matches

If you’ve gotten this far and still not read anything that takes your fancy, you might be surprised to learn that Heart Wood actually matches beautifully with brighter colours such as mustard yellows and greens. These combinations offer a complimentary blend of spring time colours that can liven up a room instantly. Use these bolder colours sparingly so not to distract too much from the beautiful purple of the Heart Wood.

And there you have it, a few easy ways to incorporate next years hottest colour in your bathrooms or kitchens.